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Portefeuille zippé bleu ciel

Portefeuille zippé bleu ciel

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Anika and you, inseparable

Anika is there to help you climb the ladder. Featuring high-end leather and an exceptional finish, Anika can stylishly carry your computer, smartphone, tablet, chargers and all the essential tools you need for your daily life in a dynamic and modern setting.

Your daily life accessories, nice and warm.

Anika’s interior has been meticulously designed to separate each of your daily accessories, cables, files and makeup, which you can keep handy in our accessory organizer.

Giving back to the community

In order to preserve authentic Moroccan craftsmanship, and to teach this precious know-how to young people living in difficult conditions, we invest part of our income in 3 significant ways.

E-learning content to train the craftsmen of tomorrow

Creation of online courses on Moroccan craftsmanship in partnership with the Academy of Traditional Arts of Casablanca.

Training social minorities in precarious situations

The social inclusion of prisoners and orphans by training them in handicrafts and then inserting the most deserving in our workshops.

Provide a stable income for artisans

Decent salaries, savings plans and health insurance for all the craftsmen who collaborate with our brand.

الوزن 1 kg
الأبعاد 41 × 29 × 10 cm


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