Care & Accessories

Your Miratti bags and accessories are made with the finest materials and require daily care. Please refer to the following care recommendations to ensure the impeccable condition and extended lifetime of your Miratti bags and accessories.

Bags and Leather Accessories

  • Avoid over-filling your Miratti bags or wallets to ensure they maintain their original shapes. This will also prevent damage to the shoulder strap, fasteners and clasps. When not in use, your Miratti bags and accessories should be filled with white tissue paper and stored in their original dust bags. Chains or special handles should be folded inside to avoid marks on the delicate skin.
  • To protect the surface of your leather goods, avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials and keep your leather goods away from chemicals, greasy substances, make-up products or Fragrances.
  • Make sure to protect your leather goods from water, humidity and extreme temperatures. Should they get wet, immediately absorb any moisture by patting (do not wipe) using a soft dry cloth.
  • In the event of a stain, try to clean and dry immediately by patting gently with a soft dry white cloth. Do not apply harsh liquids like alcohol, solvents or stain removers onto the leather or textile surfaces. If the stain persists, please contact one of our Miratti Boutiques for further assistance.
  • Avoid extended exposure to sunlight or artificial light, as the color of your leather goods may fade. White leather goods are extremely sensitive to light, and the leather may turn yellow if exposed for an extended period of time.
  • Patent leather should not be in contact with PVC-coated surfaces as the color may transfer onto your leather piece.


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